Dad Who Got Nausea After Seeing His Daughter Broken Arm Gets Schooled By Wife


Some parents want to be well prepared for parenthood so they often take classes and try learning about child psychology and how their brain works, how to properly hold a baby e.t.c.

As prepared as we like to be as parents, there are few aspects that we simply can’t prepare such as medical emergencies for example. We also have to admit that some people simply get week in the knees when they see a more serious injury like broken bone or a nose.

One dad got an unexpected reaction that prevented him to take care of his daughter after she broke her arm. As a result his wife started questioning his skills as a father because he was helpless due to his nauseating reaction.

Here is what happened:

As it turns out the wife felt guilty for not being there to help her daughter and started calling the dad selfish and pathetic. The OP was taken by surprise by her choice of words because she usually never speaks to him like that.

After all the emotions settled down, the wife apologized to the OP by saying that he is a great dad and she feels regret by speaking all those harmful words.

Its understandable why this dad reacted the way he did because it’s hard to control the urge to vomit, but as parents we need to try and work through our own issues for our children’s sake.

Source: Reddit