Dad Puts 9-Year-Old Daughter On Strict Diet Because She’s Got ‘A Belly’, Asks If He’s Wrong


Reddit’s ‘Am I The A-hole’ sub is a place where people share their stories and ask the public court if they acted like an a-hole in a given situation. Keep in mind, though, that the original posters are often the a-holes – just like the dad that posted this story.

As it turns out, one dad shared that he put his 9-year-old daughter on a strict diet and made her excercise because he thinks she’s overweight. The girl is completely healthy, but he shared that he noticed ‘she has a belly’, so he took matters into his own hands. To make things worse, he also shared that he didn’t participate in the girls’ early years because he had moved away after he and her mother broke up. Now he’s back in her life, and has the audacity to make a nine-year-old girl go on a strict diet! Check out the post for yourself below and decide how much of an a-hole he is!

Thankfully, Reddit was having none of it! Redditors immediately pointed out that the dad is a massive a-hole and that he should stop what he’s doing right now. Additionally, even though he doesn’t believe he’s doing any ’emotional damage’ to his daughter, the fact is that this is the definition of emotional damage!