Dad Accused of ‘Ruining’ Sister’s Wedding By Standing Up For Trans Son, Asks If He Did Wrong


When someone opens up and tells you who they are, you’re supposed to respect their decision and move on.

Trans people have been trying to explain this for ages, and it’s been the topic of discussion for years. And yet, so many people still refuse to get it. Why? I don’t know – but it needs to change!

Case in point, Reddit user u/Daddofthree recently decided to take it to Reddit’s Am I The A-hole sub and ask whether he was in the wrong for storming off his sister’s wedding after she deadnamed his son.

Now, we know that this is a serious issue, so we vote NTA all the way, but we’ll let you check out the story for yourself first before you make any decision.

Expectedly, most people voted that he’s not the a-hole here, and he didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, almost everyone commended the Original Poster for being a great dad, and that he did an amazing job standing up for his son. Keep up the good work!