Cute Couple Shows The Importance Of Humor In A Relationship With Hilarious Photo Captions


It is said that the opposites attract and we see that very often in couples that seem so different but they work really good together. It’s all about finding the right balance and of course, having a sense of humor.

Lillie and Maggie are one of those couples who are so cute together but have a  pretty different sense of humor. Lillie with an Instagram @LillieDellaPenna and her girlfriend Maggie posted the same photo on Instagram with a really different caption and it’s hilarious. It’s pretty obvious which one of them is the romantic one and which is the jokester, both equally important.

Description number 1

Description number 2.


If you go through Maggie’s profile you can tell that most of her captions are pretty brilliant and people are loving it. The girl is good at it.