Costume Designer Releases ‘Karen’ Halloween Masks And Women Named ‘Karen’ Are Not Happy


2020 has been one of the weirdest years I remember, and the only good thing that came out of it is the bunch of memes. We saw a new personality type in the meme world, and it’s the ‘Karen’. Your typical ‘Karen’ has a specific ‘Karen haircut’, wears a ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ t-shirt, and is always eager to ‘speak to the manager’. Yes, we all know a bunch of ‘Karens’, and people have been making jokes about ‘Karens’ not wearing masks in public and for harassing minorities left, right, and center. In fact, the ‘Karen’ meme is so popular that an LA-based costume designer and artist started selling ‘Karen’ masks for Halloween.

Most of the feedback for the ‘Karen’ masks has been positive, but the artist received some negative comments from haters. His message for these people is to lighten up a bit and don’t take the mask too personally.