Conservatives Start Petition To Ban Crème Egg Ad Featuring Gay Kiss


Cadbury released a new advert for its well-loved Creme Egg last month to celebrate the five decade existence of the delicious chocolate treat. The ad features a real-life couple Callum Sterling and Dale Moran, who share the Creme Egg through a kiss. However, even though many people praised the company for the campaign and LGBTQ+ inclusivity, some found it offensive, and started a petition to have the ad banned.
As it turns more, more than 24,000 people have already signed the petition.
Who can watch the lovely ad for yourself below:

The petition was first posted on CitizenGO, which is a campaign website that takes on conservative petitions that oppose LGBTQ+ rights or abortions.
The petition asks for the ad to be removed from all platform because the kiss between the couple has been seen as ‘highly-charged provocative act’.

This is what the statement said:

“We are proud of our Golden Goobilee advert which celebrates the many ways that everyone can enjoy a Cadbury Creme Egg. To illustrate this and showcase the joy our products bring, a clip of a real-life couple sharing a Cadbury Creme Egg was included in the advert.”

Source: Unilad