Conservative Christian Tell Husbands To Coerce Their Wives’ Votes


Jesse Sumpter is a conservative Christian and a staff member at the evangelical Christ Church of Doug Wilson. Oh, and a blogger.

Although he doesn’t have a large following on Twitter, he writes some of the most idiotic things you will see on the internet. Yes, we get it. He wants to get massive engagement – whatever the price.
However, some of the things he writes are just… stupid!

He recently wrote his opinion about the upcoming election, and it’s over a century old.

He was so sure in himself that he even listed a few reasons on his terrible, gross opinion:

Thankfully, Twitter is a place where many rational people share their thoughts on, and what surprised me the most were the men that pointed out they could easily make Sumpter’s wish come true by voting by their wive’s opinion:

Believe it or not, Sumpter went even further and wrote a lengthy blog post about why men are responsible for the household vote. Yes, he firmly believes that men should decide who their wives should vote for and ‘submit joyfully’ to their husbands.