Childfree Woman Says She’s Tired, Gets Called Out By Friends With Children


According to statistics, Americans work longer hours than Europeans, and they’re usually more stressed out in their work environment when compared to other parts of the world.
Living in a global pandemic, most of us are pressured to be as productive as we can while working from home, and it can most definitely take its toll!

However, although many people can agree that working a demanding job can leave you feeling like a dried-out sponge on Friday afternoon, people with children often argue that childfree people ‘don’t know how much worse it all gets when you have kids. Well, that might not be exactly true.

One 34-year-old childfree Redditor recently decided to take it to Reddit to share that she works long hours and never really gets to turn off from her job. However, she recently got fed up with her friends telling her that she ‘didn’t understand the meaning of tired’ because she doesn’t have kids. She shared that all of them are mothers of kids under 6, and she wanted to share that the argument is invalid. Check out the story for yourself below.

Wow! I mean, I must admit that I totally feel her! In my opinion, she was absolutely not in the wrong for saying that people without kids can also get very tired, and most of Reddit agrees. She was voted not to be the a-hole, and you can check out some of the most popular responses for yourself below.