Catcalling and Wolf-Whistling Could Soon Become Illegal In The UK


Following the Sarah Everard incident that was initiated by Scotland Yard officer Wayne Couzens, the UK Home Secretary received almost 200,000 responses to a call for comments about crimes that affect women disproportionately. So, following this, wolf-whistling and catcalling could soon be made a crime under the new government plans.

The strategy to combat this horrific behavior against women and girls will pave the way for a new, specific offense and will ban explicit comments.

UK Minsiter Priti Patel is about to unveil the plans for a national police lead officer to combat this behavior against women and girls and ensure that its taken more seriously.

The UK minister will also appoint two transport champions to help protect female passengers in public transport, and a new independent reviewer will look at the management of the list of registered offenders as well as looking for new ones.

Source: Daily Mail