Cailtyn Jenner Says A ‘Commission’ Should Decide Which Trans Girls Are ‘Truly Trans’


In a Fox News interview, Caitlyn Jenner made remarks regarding trans girls in sports which incited flame in the trans community. Namely, in the interview, Jenner talked about her idea for a solution to the issue of trans girls participating in school sports. Her idea? To create a government commission to judge the ‘worthiness of trans girls’.

When speaking about what she would do if she were the Governor of California, she said:

“What I would do as governor, I would put together a commission. And trans women, who are truly trans, who at a very young age, you know, started proper medical treatment, they’ve grown up as girls, of course, they should be able to compete in girls’ sports.”
But some guy who hasn’t done any therapy, who hasn’t done anything, there has to be a review board.”

In an earlier statement, Jenner said that she thinks it ‘isn’t fair’ for trans to compete in girls’ sports at all.

Many people were disappointed with Jenner’s comments, and they didn’t hesitate to share that on Twitter:

Source: Comicsands