Black Woman Accuses Airline of ‘African American Service Charge’ After Flying


American Airlines have been accused of racial bias by a Black woman after she discovered a payment on her bank statement that had been labeled ‘African American, African service charge’.

Kyetra Bryant is the woman that noticed the charge after she flew from Charlotte Douglas Airport in North Carolina for Thankgiving. She and her boyfriend had used separate credit cards to purchase their luggage at the airport, but both of them found charges listed as ‘African American’ on their bank statements. Apparently, the issue originated with the issuing bank Capital One.

This is what Kyetra wrote in a social media post:

A spokesperson for American Airlines have since stated that following an investigation into the matter, the blame for the payment listing lays with the bank Capital One. The spokesperson added that they were incredibly disrupted by what they saw, and immediately launched an investigation to understant what happened.
It was later verified that American Airlines was not to blame for this, following a consultation with Mastercard.

Capital One has since stated that the issue is the result of a miscoding of a merchant’s name, and added that this listing was ‘entirely unrelated to any specific customer information’. They’ve been now ‘actively investigating precisely where the technology misinterpreted the merchant data’ and are working hard towards ‘correcting the issue’.

Source: Unilad