Black Panther Star Letitia Wright Deletes Twitter Account After Posting Anti-Trans and Anti-Vax Video


Letitia Wright, the Black Panther star, recently shared a video that was so bad it got removed from YouTube.

As it turns out, brothers Tomi and Tobi Arayomi filmed a video in which they rambled a mess combining Covid-19, trans people, vaccines, and climate change. Yes, they managed to combine all of these things – so you probably see where this is going.

In the video, Tomi talked about how he hopes that the potential vaccine won’t make ‘extra limbs grow’, although he admitted that he ‘doesn’t understand vaccines medically’. He then offensively tried to use trans people to explain why he doesn’t believe in all the science behind the coronavirus pandemic.

“If you look at somebody that was genetically born a male but you say ‘that’s a girl, that’s a girl, that’s a girl, that’s a girl, that’s a girl, that’s a girl, that’s a girl, that’s a girl, that’s a girl, that’s a girl, that’s a girl, that’s a girl, that’s a girl’ enough times, eventually you will force compliance by the composition of my speech to say something that I just technically, biologically don’t believe it.” – he said in the since-deleted video.

Numerous fans expressed their disappointment that the actor would use social media to spread misinformation and hate-speech, but then Wright started complaining about the so-called cancel culture. She wrote:

“If you don’t conform to popular opinions, but ask questions and think for yourself, you get canceled.”

In a follow-up tweet, she wrote that her intention was not to hurt anyone, but she posted the video because it raised her concerns with what the vaccine contains and what we’re about to put in our bodies.

Many users responded by telling her that it’s not okay to be an anti-vaxxer, and especially not a trans-hating person.

It now appears that Letitia Wright has deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts after receiving backlash from fans.