Bill Requiring Burial Or Cremation Of Fetuses After Abortions Passed In Ohio


Senate Bill 27 that would require burial or cremation of fetal remains from abortions has been approved and passed by the Ohio House recently.

The bill will return to the Senate for a concurrence vote on amendments made in the House, and the senate is expected to hold the vote next week. If the bill gets approved, it will head to Governor Mike DeWine to sign it.

The Ohio Senate passed the bill in March 2019 and it would require abortion clinics to have written policies and procedures for burial or cremation of a fetus. The procedure will be paid for by the clinics themselves.

Clinics would have to provide pregnant women a notification form on which they can choose whether they want burial or cremation under SB 27, and the location for the remains of the fetus. So, if the woman chooses to make a decision, she would have to sign in writing before the abortion is performed and she would have to confirm that she had received the notification form and made the determination.

If a woman chooses not to be involved in any of this non-sense, the bill requires the clinic to determine the final disposition of the fetus.

Additionally, clinics will have to fill out a new form for the Ohio Department of Health and state whether a woman chose to be involved in the disposition of the fetus’ remains, and any violation to the bill will be classified as a first-degree misdemeanor.