Bigot Man Yelling “Gay People Go To Hell” Gets Owned By A 7-Year-Old Kid


Some people just never know their place and keep meddling in other people’s business spreading their bitterness and close-mindedness. So what’s a better opportunity to teach your kid a lesson about life then when some bigot tries to teach them something different.

As the story by this dad from Bath, England goes, he and his 7-year-old son were and the store to buy a present about a girl from his class. They got her a tiara a wand and some jewelry for her to play dress-up. However, while waiting in line at the store his son put the tiara and the wand playfully saying that he’s the queen who orders the line to move faster. Because yeah, he’s just a kid and that’s what they do.

Nevertheless, this clearly homophobic gentleman who couldn’t mind his own business made a horrible comment about it that he probably later regretted. Read how the whole conversation went down below.