BFFs Wear Their Wedding Dresses On Nights Out After They Divorced Their Cheating Husbands


Any woman that chooses to sell, bury, or even burn her wedding dress following an acrimonious divorce would be forgiven for it.

However, these two BFFs still wear their wedding dresses regularly, even though both of them have divorced their husbands after they discovered they had affairs.

Hairstylist Sarah Kralowski and her friend Julie Frugé, from Michigan and Illinois, met back in 2012 when Sarah did Julie’s hair.

The 46-year-old Julie had found out that her husband was cheating on her, and she was trying to work it through, but she found out yet again that he was still cheating on her in 2015. She confided in the 33-year-old Sarah, who too found out that her husband was cheating on her a few months later.

Even though both of them tried to make their marriages work, they both eventually divorced their husbands in 2017.

So, while discussing what to do with their wedding dresses one night, they decided to create the Instagram page @itsonlyadress where they post photos of themselves wearing their wedding dresses on nights out.

Even though their new hobby sounds a lot of fun, it has also helped them come to terms with their divorces, and they hope that their profile will inspire other women to see divorce as a new beginning.

Sarah said that too many people fear of being divorced and how it will impact their lives. However, she adds that divorce was the best thing to happen to both of them, even though it was hard in the beginning.

Creating new memories with the dresses has helped them both mentally, as they always giggle when they put them on.