Betty White Turns 99 Next Week And Revealed Her Plans For Her B-day ‘Party’


Fan-favorite Betty White turns 99 next week! Can you imagine?
Our beloved actress will be almost 100 in a few days, and she recently revealed her plans on how she will celebrate her 99th birthday. The Golden Girls star told Entertainment Tonight that even though her daily routine has been altered by the global coronavirus pandemic (like most of us)
White said that she’s trying to stay as active as she can, including working on the re-release of the show The Pet Set.

She said that running a mile each morning has been somewhat curtailed by Covid-19, so she’s now working on getting The Pet Set re-released and feeding the two ducks that come to visit her every day.

The Pet Set debuted in 1971, and it’s a show where celebrities visit her with their beloved pets.

The show was produced by her husband Allen Ludden, who was married to her from 1963 until he passed in 1981.

The show featured celebrities such as Rod Serling, Doris Day, Barbara Eden, Ava Gabor, Michael Landon, and many more!
Betty White welcomed the celebrities and their pets, including dogs, cats, birds, and horses, as well as wild animals such as elephants, lions, tigers.

Source: Daily Mail