Before Boarding Marine One President Biden Stops And Picks a Dandelion For First Lady Dr. Jill


President Joe Biden recently marked his 100th day in office, and he found a magnificent way to thank his wife, First Lady Jill for being the ultimate source of love and support for him. In an amazing and spontaneous show of love and affection, the President was seen pausing to bend down and pick a dandelion for his wife while walking across the White House lawn to Marine One.

Jill accepted the romantic gesture from her husband and held it in her hands as they were boarding the presidential aircraft to go on a visit to Georgia.

Social media loved the President’s romantic gesture, but, as always, the opinions were divided along partisan lines.
According to Reuters, this isn’t the first time that President Biden has proven himself as ‘ever the romantic’. He has shown his love and appreciation for Dr. Jill through heartwarming gestures many times before, and Twitter loved this romantic gesture.

Chivarly is back in the White House!

Source: Upworthy