Barber ‘Doesn’t Cut Girls’ Hair’, Gets Blasted By Nonbinary-Gender Customer And Things Escalate


Gabrielle is a non-binary person who was born as female but doesn’t identify with any gender. They have since called out a barber for complaining that ‘he doesn’t cut girls’ hair’.
Gabrielle messaged Aaron, a barber from Sydney, on Instagram and explained that his comments towards them were ‘harmful and damaging’, and that they made them feel uncomfortable.

They have since posted the exchange on social media, where it went viral.

This is the message that Gabrielle sent to the barber:

However, instead of apologizing, Aaron went on an anti-LGBT rant in a voice note to Gabrielle, in which he blasted Gabrielle for being a ‘woman pretending to be a man’.

In a series of videos on his Instagram, Aaron said that he believes that he had a girl come in and ask for a men’s haircut.

‘It doesn’t matter if you’re requesting a men’s haircut, you’re still a female, you still have female hair.
You’re a girl, everything you have is feminine. None of this ‘I’m gay, now I’m a boy’. Nah man you’re a woman.
I don’t care who you like, you’re a woman, you will always be a woman, you will always have woman hair.’ – he went on.

And yet, instead of apologizing, Aaron doubled down and wrote another message to Gabrielle, calling them entitled and an example of everything that’s wrong with ‘those people.

The Groomsmen Barbershop official Facebook page has since issued an apology.

Source: DailyMail