Are You Done Having Kids? You May Now Donate Your Uterus


Yes, you’ve read it right. The future is now. You are now able to donate or receive a uterus transplant and oh man, what a time to be alive.

Just as organs like a kidney or a heart can be transplanted, that’s now possible with a uterus too. This is some really great news for women who have AUI (absolute uterine factor infertility), which means their uterus is non-functioning or non-existent. Most of these women dream of being a mother and now that dream may finally come true. Sweden, as the first country who performed uterus transplantation, has already done 9 other successfully of which 5 resulted with pregnancies and healthy deliveries.

Recently, the USA too had their first born baby from a mother who was born without a uterus of her own. The OBGYN and uterus transplant surgeon Dr. Liza Johannesson explained that she had delivered many babies in her career but this was a special one. The baby was born healthy and screaming with a Caesarian section done by Dr. Robert T. Gunby Jr who reminiscence that when he started his career they didn’t even have sonograms and that the level medicine reached now is amazing.

The donor of the uterus is a 36-year-old Taylor Siler, a mother of two and a nurse. After her overall health was closely monitored for a while, she was cleared for the uterus transplantation trial. The whole operation of removing the uterus takes about 5 hours and about the same time to transplant it to the other patient.

Siler never met the family but they’ve shared texts on the day of the operation and the couple got pregnant. She continues:
“I’ve just been crying and getting teary thinking about it, “ “I think about her every day and I probably will for the rest of my life.”

It’s estimated that 3-5% of childbearing-aged women worldwide are infertile because of a damaged, removed, or non-existent uterus.

Statistics show that around 3-5% of women in child-bearing-age worldwide are infertile because of non-existent, damaged or removed uterus. This is offering a chance to women who never thought they will be able to get pregnant – explains Dr. Colin Koon, a physician with Baylor University. Of course, the criteria for having surgery is not easy. Women should be between 20 and 35 years old with both ovaries working. Also a list of disease-free and negative for all STD’s.