Anti-Trans People Claim They’ve Created A New Thing Called ‘Super Straight’


A new anti-trans trend has recently gained popularity online. There’s a supposed new orientation called ‘super straight’, and it was invented by none other than straight people who only date so-called ‘real’ men and women, and not trans people.
To no one’s surprise the trend has since been linked to fascist groups, who are using it as a recruiting tool. It all started when TikTok user Kyle Royce posted a video on social media (the video has since been deleted).

Royce talked about the ‘new sехuаlity’ he created in the video, and he describes that he’s ‘super straight’ and only dates women that are born a woman. He also refers to the type of women he wants to date as ‘real women, as opposed to trans women not being ‘real’. His initial TikTok video gained attention, and many trolls started flooding social media with ‘super straight’ content.

However, ‘super straight’ turned into something much worse than just a 4chan troll game. It paved the way for Nazis to recruit new members. Such groups have been using the name ‘super straight’ to covertly reference the SS.

This is gonna be my last tweet on the subject for the time being, but I found a video on my tiktok fyp that explains this better than I ever could #superstraight


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