Anti-LGBTQ Activist Says He’ll Rally 80,000 Christian Men Against LGBTQ Rights


Steve Bannon is an ‘infamous’ white nationalist and former Trump administration official that amplified his bigotry in his lessons for far-right followers. In an interview with the leader of Promise Keepers, Ken Harrison, they railed against LGBTQ Americans. The organization is an all-male group dedicated to ‘help men live with integrity’, and in the interview, Harrison said that LGBTQ Americans are ‘destroying the identity of American people’. He also called for Christian men to unify against the rights of LGBTQ people.

Harrison also claimed that trans women are men, and he pretended that their existence is somehow new.

He then went on to say that he will be hosting an all-male Christian convention in which he would combat the recognition of LGBTQ people’s humanity. Yes, you read right.

This is how the internet reacted to this absolute non-sense: