Albert Einstein’s Ridiculous List Of Rules And Demands For His Wife To Follow


The act of getting married is a legally binding contract, and prenups are also not a new element of marriages as well.

Marriage contract throughout history have been negotiated between rich and influential families with papers signed outlining the loses and gains of each party in the union, and it included the dowry paid and the land redistributed.

A growing number of engaged couples now want to avoid future upsets in any potential dispute, so they sign a formal prenup agreement. It’s a private contract that both parties agree that it would be a fair way to split their combined assets.

In some cases, even postnup agreements exist, and they are agreements in which the couple makes a contract after they are married, and they outline certain requirements for the continuation and betterment of their union.

One of the most famous people though history, and one of the most brilliant minds of all time, Albert Einstein wrote one of the most notable postnups to his first wife, Mileva Maric. He met her in 1896 at the Zurich Polytechnic, Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule, where she was studying mathematics and physics, and she was only the “second woman to finish a full program of study at Department VI A: Mathematics and Physics”. They married in January 1903.

They had two sons, Hans and Eduard, however, they agreed that there was no longer any romance left between them 11 years later, and they agreed to approach the subject logically. So, they decided to stay together, for the sake of their children, as they didn’t want to “divorce recklessly”.

According to the book Einstein: His Life and Universe by Walter Isaacson, however, the scientist had some “interesting” conditions. This is what he required of his wife:

Even though Mileva agreed to his conditions initially, she changed her mind a few months later, took her two sons, and left Albert Einstein in Berlin and moved back to Zurich.
The couple officially divorced five years later, and they hadn’t seen each other in the meantime.