Afghanistan Schoolboys Protest Taliban’s Ban On Girls Going to School, Say They Won’t Return To Class


The Taliban have ordered all high schools in Afghanistan to re-open, but only for boys – which sparked protests across the country. The new order essentially banned girls from returning to school, but many boys have refused to return to school either as a form of protest. They’re protesting for the right of girls to return to school.

The co-director of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, Kate Clark, the Taliban are enforcing rules that have absolutely nothing to do with Islam.

“Education and literacy are so strongly valued in Islam that the Taliban could not ban girls in schools on Islamic grounds, so they always said they would open them when security improved. It never did. They never opened the schools,” – she said.

Girls can attend school in primary school in Afghanistan,  but they’re segregated and separated from the rest of the class by a curtain.

Source: Upworthy