A Resurfaced Pic Of Breastfeeding Mom At A Zoo Sparks A Great Amount Of Controversy


Cover credit: Gemma Copeland/Facebook

Motherhood can bring some much joy in life and being a mother is a beautiful thing. This touching picture shows that the same thing goes for orangutans as well.

Back in 2020, Gemma Copeland from Vienna, Austria shared a picture of breastfeeding her baby at the Vienna’s Schoenbrunn ZOO, next to the window of the orangutan habitat. As a passionate traveler she couldn’t wait to take her son on her travels so he can experience the world at very young age. As it turned out this was a life changing experience for both of them, thanks to an empathetic orangutan.

As we can see the female orangutan is sitting close to the glass, looking steadily and intently at the baby being breastfeed. For some reason the picture raised a fare amount of controversy and sparked an interesting debate.

After the post gained a lot of attention Copeland shared her breastfeeding experience with the local media:

“My breastfeeding experiences in public have been diverse, some people looking curious, others content and the odd negative one. Once I was asked to cover my little boy whilst he was feeding to which I responded by handing over a spare muslin and asking them if they minded covering their shallow-minded selves. This quickly ended the situation leaving me to enjoy my coffee and bonding with my son.”

Even today, the post is generating many comments from people admiring the most natural thing in the world, while others expressed sadness at such creature held in captivity. People also debated if the ZOOs are the place for people to learn about animals. Some think it’s better for the animals to be protected in the ZOO than to perish in the wild.

Also, few other people noted that if the same thing happened in America, the mother would probably be shamed for exposing herself in public.

On the bright side this picture has inspired Gemma to raise money for the Borneo Orangutan Rescue at International Animal Rescue. If you want to learn more about the Borneo Orangutan Rescue click here.

You can also check out the video below…