7 Changes That Happen When You Stop Wearing A Bra


If you were one of those ‘early-bloomers’ surrounded by women who wear bras all the time, you probably have never considered not wearing one as an option.

It is something that we just took as a habit from a young age, a ‘rule’ that shouldn’t be broken because otherwise, you are being ‘inappropriate’. However, every one of us knows that liberating feeling of taking off your bra after a long day. If you could capture this amazing feeling in a jar, it would probably sell like crazy. There are a lot of good sides of crossing to the ‘no bra’ side, and in this article, we will talk about them. Scroll down and read up.

1. You are finally free!

Yes, after all those years of being trapped, squished and jailed into all kinds of bras and sports bras, your chest is finally let to be free. Your breast can jiggle all they want, and more importantly – breathe too!

2. Your tops will fit differently

It’s a fact that without a bra your breasts will look smaller. Whether you are a fan of that or not, fitting in certain tops and having no bra line is actually a really nice feeling.

3. Your whole body will move differently

Of course, having your breasts let free to jiggle, will make some changes in the way you move and it takes some time for you to get accustomed to it. If you have larger breasts and you feel some pain, you can try some light sports bras.

4. Meet And Greet The Bralette

If you feel a certain occasion calls in for wearing a bra, you can give a chance to the bralette which contains no wires or padding and with that doesn’t give that big pressure to your chest.

5. Con: You May Feel Some Back Pain

If you are large-breasted, you may start feeling some back pain due to the weight of your breasts and the support that bras usually give. However, this does not mean going back to wires and pads, a right-fitting sports bra can help with this too.

6. People Will Comment On It

Yes, having your breasts loose is noticeable and people will comment on it. Assign it to the stupid beauty standards and gender expectations idk. However, they need to suck it up and you should not be bothered.

7. You Will Wonder What Took You So long

Once you go bra-less, you don’t go back. Yes, bras most definitely have their benefits, but freedom is priceless. It’s all about having that choice really. Knowing that you don’t HAVE TO wear a bra just because you are a woman with breasts and you were thaught to do so. My advice, give it a go and share your experience!