37-Year-Old Mom Criticized For Wearing an ‘Indecent’ Sundress To Son’s Birthday Party


Raquel Dicuru is a 37-year-old mom from Tonbridge, Kent, who was throwing a birthday party for her seven-year-old son, and her sister-in-law filmed her lighting the candles on the birthday cake. However, the mom claims that her cleavage has since ‘stolen the spotlight’ from the party, as many critics online branded her ‘indecent’.

When watching the cute video, the mom realized that her cleavage was prominently featured in her purple flower sundress.

The mom shared the video on TikTok, jokingly writing in the caption that she didn’t realize that her cleavage was stealing the spotlight at her son’s birthday until she saw the pics and the video later that evening.

The video has since been viewed more than a million times, but the mom says that it has provoked backlash from many, claiming that she was ‘trying to find a husband’ and branded her indecent. We’ll let you check out the video for yourself below before you jump into conclusions.

@thatecolady #sorrynotsorrylol ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

Admittedly, the sundress doesn’t look revealing at all, and maybe it was the angle of the video that put her cleavage front and center. The mom said that the video provoked a backlash from many viewers, and some claimed that everything about her screams ‘look at me’.

So, after the video went viral, she decided to record a follow-up video to reply to some of the commenters:

@thatecolady Reply to @vinny_the_poohh ♬ original sound – That Eco Lady

Raquel admitted that she was initially taken aback by the comments, but she firmly believes that she did nothing wrong by wearing the dress, and she just decided to continue with her life and forget about the crude comments.

Source: Daily Mail