19-Year-Old Married a 61-Year-Old Father Of Two, Her Parents Call The Police When They Found Out About the Age Gap


Audrey Cheyenne-Smiley Moon is a 19-year-old military police officer who married the 61-year-old father-of-two Kevin. She met him on a dating site in 2020, and they quickly bonded despite their 42-year age gap.

Kevin is a military veteran who had worked for the military police, just like she does now, and she said that it was what attracted her to him. However, the teenager recently opened up about her parents’ disapproval of their relationship, and she even claims that they called the police to have her husband arrested when they found out about the relationship.

Neither of the partners had ever been in a relationship with such a big age gap, but they believe that age doesn’t matter as long as they love each other and enjoy their lives.


Kevin had previously been married and has two children, aged 16 and 23. However, even though his kids are supportive of the relationship, Audrey’s parents are not.

She told her parents about her new relationship in a text, and when the two of them went to meet them, the cops were waiting outside. However, she noted that Kevin was ready to stand for what he believed in, and after getting to know him, her family has grown to like him.

‘He took it and since then has proven to them how much he truly and deeply loves me.’ – she adds.

The couple got married in a small chapel in Nevada on August 1, 2021, and they’re now planning their future together.


The two currently live apart as Audrey is working abroad in the Middle East, while Kevin is at home in California, but they plan to move in together next year, when Kevin retires.

Source: Daily Mail