17 Examples Of How Funny And Sincere Children Can Be


Being a parent can be exhausting at times since it’s a real full-time job, but every once in a while you are rewarded with funny moments from your little ones. It seems that children’s brains and imagination work in such an innocent and amazing way that they will make you laugh and melt your heart at the same time. So here’s a collection of the funniest and cutest kids moments that are guaranteed to make your day a lot better!

  1. He gave an honest answer

2. Kids remember everything you say.

3. My daughter looks like a mom who is regretting all of her life choices.

4. The f word.

5. Life is full of mysteries kiddos.

6. My daughter looks like she just destroyed an army of Siths

7. Too many friends.

8. My sister was invited to a ‘princess’ themed party but she wanted to go as a puppy.

9. My daughter drew a pillow on the ground and laid down.

10. Looks like someone found mommy’s wig.

11. The kids were asked to dress up as elves for the school play and one of them dressed as Elvis.

12. Appropriate answer.

13. He took his job seriously.

14. My daughter’s face when she first held her little sister.

15. Getty Washington

16. My 6-year-old drew our whole family. We are snorkeling!

17. Well, at least she is cute.

18. This is pretty much how teaching in Kindergarten feels like every day