14-Year-Old Girl Put Into Isolation After Being Told Her Pants Were ‘Too Tight’ For Her ‘Big Legs’


A 14-year-old girl has been put into isolation at a school in Wiltshire, UK, after she was told that her pants were ‘too tight’ for her ‘big legs’, and another student said that she was showing ‘too much ankle’.

According to parents, the policy on school trousers is ‘ridiculous’ and ‘inconsistent’ at John Of Gaunt School in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, claiming that different teachers make different demands.

The girl’s mom, Lou Gover, said that her daughter was told that her legs were ‘too big’ for the pants she was wearing, and she was put into isolation until she bought new ones.

This is what the mom said about the incident:

‘It’s ridiculous. We were told the trousers were fine a month ago but today the same trousers are not acceptable. The teacher told my daughter her legs were too big for that style of trouser. She’s only been wearing them for over a month after we had to buy new ones in April. They told me they would have to keep her in isolation until they were replaced. I told them I would keep her off school.
I have been offered a refund and have spoken to the head about comments made by teachers.
This has gone on for months and caused a lot of stress where different teachers have different rules. It’s all costly and stressful for parents and the children.’

The school provided the girl with trousers over lockdown when shops were closed, but many parents claim that it’s getting beyond a joke now, as the pants the girl was wearing are the same ones the school had provided for her.

According to the school headteacher Paul Skipp, the school has high standards and expectations when it comes to school uniforms, which also includes consistency in their approach to upholding the uniform policy.

Source: Daily Mail