13-year-old Teen Banned From Riding The School Bus After Saying “I’m A Lesbian”


Izzy Dieker is a 13-year-old teenage girl that has allegedly been banned from her school bus after she was overheard saying that she’s a lesbian. Dieker attends Americus School in Americus, Kansas, and she was accused of using inappropriate language by the bus driver after he overheard her saying that she’s a lesbian.
According to the bus driver, the eight-grader Izzy had failed to comply with orders. She’s openly gay at school.

By the time she got home, the school had informed her father that she has been suspended from using the bus for good.

She has since told KSNT that once she got home, her dad told her that she’s been kicked off for saying that she’s a lesbian.

Tasha Cooper, Izzy’s mother, has since struggled to get any response from the school’s administration and the district superintendent told her that he’s unable to discuss the details of the case.

The mom said that her daugher is just 13-years-old and these adults are acting like this towards her. They’ve had talks about fellow students calling her names, but she said that she’s been expecting that because kids just repeat what their parents say. However, she was angry at the staff because she trusted them.

The girl said that it made her very upset to think that people go through this everyday, and that kids grow up thinking that being gay is a horrible thing and they shouldn’t be talking about it at all.

The administration hasn’t yet responded to the incident, but Izzy’s classmates and teachers have since stood by her side and have given her their support by wearing rainbow pins as a symbol of solidarity.

Source: Unilad